formal partyIt’s important to develop a strong company culture if you hope to remain competitive as a business in 2018. As an owner or executive, it’s your responsibility to do everything in your power to keep your employees happy and motivated. Hopefully, these few tips will help and your company will be on its way to massive success and a great culture.

Host an annual formal party
Having a yearly celebration can really do wonders for your company culture. Rather than just ordering a pizza and sitting together inside the conference room, check out some beautiful banquet halls and organize a formal party instead. This party — if everything goes according to plan — will likely be so much fun for everyone involved and will be an unforgettable night. As you and your employees bond over tasty meals, your company culture will be improving without you even knowing it.

Team building exercises
Team building activities can greatly help with company culture. These exercises can help an individual employee feel much more connected to his or her employer and realize they are actually an integral part of the company’s success. According to a Gallup study, engaged employees could actually boost a company’s productivity performance by as much as 200%. Signing you and your employees up for fun events like archery courses and other team building activities will do wonders for your business.

Implement a work-from-home policy
Having your employees away from the office might seem counterproductive when trying to improve the company culture, but doing so can actually greatly strengthen your business. When your employees are working from home or working remotely, they don’t feel as pressured throughout the day as they would while at the office. Make sure to go over the ground rules, however, so productivity doesn’t decrease. But if you have the right team members, a work-from-home policy can be great for a positive business culture.

If you’re ready for a formal party or want to check out some fun team building archery courses, contact Woodfire today.