wedding venueThe traditional church wedding is great for some couples, but it can also be a little tedious. In fact, about 40% of engaged couples are seeking personality specific wedding venues in hopes of breaking free of chapels and banquet halls and ballrooms and into their own unique idea of the perfect wedding. Here are some unusually unique and out-there wedding venues you might find more up your alley. With 44,230 weddings taking place every weekend, how will yours stand out from the Pinterest-crowd?

  1. Shooting Range
    Whether your sport is marksmanship from 100 yards with a high powered rifle, or artful archery, a wedding at your favorite range will have you aiming right at a happy marriage. For couples who love the Second Amendment as much as they love each other, this can be the perfect place to say “I Do!”
  2. Comic Con
    Do you like to nerd out together as a couple? If so, don your finest cosplay attire and head out to Comic-Con or a local convention to tie the knot.
  3. The Sea
    If you love the grand open space and huge blue skies that you can only find on a boat in the ocean, hop on a yacht for a maritime wedding. The fresh ocean air can prepare you for a lifetime of smooth sailing.
  4. Your Childhood Cabin
    Did you have a home away from home growing up? Take your partner to a place you hold dear for a more rusting setting. If you’re both nature lovers, this is a fantastic way to express your unique relationship. You can also find a variety of rustic wedding venues that allow you to plan a wedding in line with your preferences without trying to squeeze all of your guests into a single cabin.
  5. Under Water
    If you and your fiancee are scuba enthusiasts, or just love swimming, you could get married in the ocean or a lake that holds meaning to you. It might be a good idea to say your vows before taking the plunge or else they might just come out as bubbles. While it’s certainly unusual, you wouldn’t be the first couple to get married under the sea.
  6. Where You Met
    Travel back in time with your soon to be spouse to the very spot you first laid eyes upon each other. This could be anything from the supermarket to a national park. One thing is for sure, you’ll never forget this symbolically special place.

No matter who you are, or what expresses who you are as a couple, consider tailoring your wedding venue to your personality. It will make for a much more memorable wedding day.