pheasant huntingUp to 44,230 weddings take place every weekend in the United States. While it may seem difficult to make each and every one of these weddings unique, many brides are up to the task. Rustic weddings, in particular, have been rising in popularity among American brides.

This is because the softer tones, natural woods, and countryside flair add an overall romantic look while also contributing to a masculine atmosphere. In short, rustic themes are a great way to incorporate both the bride and the groom.

But with rustic weddings being so popular, how can you guarantee your own venue is unique and one of a kind? Consider the following ways to spin a unique twist on your own rusting wedding theme:

  1. A lodge wedding venue
    One of the most common venues for rustic weddings is a renovated barn. While the barn theme can be enchanting and beautiful in its own right, it’s also become recurrent in rustic weddings. To avoid the ordinary while sticking to your theme, consider hosting your wedding at a lodge instead.
  2. A pheasant hunt
    Research shows 72% more women hunt are currently hunting with firearms compared to just five years ago. What better way to incorporate a rustic theme in a rustic setting than with pheasant hunting? The pheasant is a symbol of promise, virtue, and protection making it the perfect wedding symbol. For a truly unique take on a rustic wedding, incorporate pheasant hunting or even archy into your reception activities.
  3. Make it a winter wedding
    Many American brides either choose to have their weddings in spring or fall when hosting a rustic wedding. However, when your wedding venue is a lodge rather than a barn you have the freedom to stay cozy and warm while walking down the aisle in the winter wonderland. What’s more is that winter weddings allow you to incorporate furs into your rustic theme for a unique touch.

Rustic weddings are a great way to incorporate both masculine and feminine elements into a ceremony. With these unique tips, you can ensure to add just a little more flair to your wedding for a day you’ll never forget.